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Kazuo Ohno Festival 2011

The 2011 Kazuo Ohno Festival will take place in the Amphitheatre of the Shin Minatomura, the Small City for the Future complex.

This theatre embodies a blueprint for the theatre of the future. With walls made from Washi, a tough and fibrous Japanese paper, the indoor space isn’t isolated from the outer world: light, sound and what happens onstage filters gently outside. A theatre for the future is one, which endeavours to transmit a message to future generations. In considering what we could achieve in this space, we tentatively came up with the idea of a New Piece/Peace Project — this involves the participating artists reside in the theatre space for a determined period, during which they will create a site specific piece to be performed in situ, thus allowing the spectators to witness where the work came to life.

Duration: Friday, September 30th until Sunday, October 30th. 2011
Venues: Shin Minatomura Theatre on Shinko Pier and Surrounding Area
Admission Fee: Advanced Purchase ¥ 2,800, On-the-day ¥ 3,300
October 22nd: Advance Purchase ¥ 1,000 On-the-day: ¥ 1,500

Reservation and Queries, Address and Access

Opening Night (Friday, September 30, 19:30)

As a festival opener, we are proud to present a preview of Taste of Life, a joint project between Karine Saporta and Project Ohyama. A reception will be held after the performance to which everybody is cordially invited.

Karine Saporta and Project Ohyama "Taste of Life Preview"

Date: Friday, September 30, 19:30
Venue: Shin Minatomura Theatre
Admission/ BankLife3 Tariff: General Public ¥300,
University Students ¥ 250, High School Students ¥ 200
Free Admission for visitors with a Shin Minatomura Pass or a Yokohama Triennale Joint Ticket.


Karine Saporta, Project Ohyama, Aoki Yuki, Newcomer H, Régine Chopinot, Daisuke Tomita, Takayuki Fujimoto, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Daisuke Yoshimoto, Takao Kawaguchi, Yuko Hirai, Yasutaka Henmi, Danny Yung, Yang Yang, Xu Sijia, Kanji Shimizu, Keisuke Kanai, Jiro Aoki, Mamoru Sakata, Miki Kakiuchi, Maki Kurita, Yoshito Ohno, Kakuya Ohasi&Dancers Ensemble Sonne along with others, Tess Talitha Blanchard, Makoto Matsushima, Atsunori Kawamura, Mineki Murata, Akaikutsu Junior Chorus, Lee Ryol Li (Former WBA Super-bantam weight champion), others

FlyerPDF / 1.8MB / 2pages / in Japanese)

New Piece Project

Karine Saporta and Project Oyama
Taste of Life

A work inspired by ‘the father of the Nouvelle French Dance,’ Hideyuki Yano, (1943-1988).

Dates: Saturday, October 1st, 2011.    19:30
Sunday, October 2nd                          19:30

Directed and Performed by Karine Saporta and Project Oyama, Tess Talitha Blanchard
Venue: Shin Minatomura Theatre
Admission Fee: Advanced Booking. ¥ 2,800. On-the-day, ¥ 3,300

Karine Saporta
After directing the Centre Chorégraphique National in Caen Basse Normandie from 1988 to 2004, Saporta established her own company, La Compagnie Karine Saporta, basing herself between Paris and St. Denis. Along with being one of the most prominent figures in French dance, Saporta is also a photographer and short filmmaker, using multi-media and various visual art forms in her creations. She is primarily interested in a form of physical expression that combines cutting edge contemporary performance with primitive dance.

Project Ohyama
Based in Gokokuji, the members of this all-female dance company, under the direction of Yuri Furuie, are all alumni of Tokyo’s Ochanomizu Joshi University. Among their performances:  Let’s Go Dancing at the 8th Japan Contemporary Dance Network; Kazuo Ohno Festival 2009. L’experience Japonaise in Nimes. Awarded the 2009 Jury Prize at Dance Collection R in Yokohama. Won the ‘Choreographer of the Future Prize at the 2010 Toyota Choreography Awards.

Newcomer H  Sokerissa
New World Waltz

Sokerissa, a group of current and former homeless persons, have created a performance based on the theme of physical expression.

10Friday, October 7th     19:30
Saturday, October 8th     19:30
Sunday October 9th.       19:30

Director: Aoki Yuki
Performers: Newcomer  H
Venue: Shin Minatomura Theatre
Admission Fee:  Advance Purchase ¥: 2,800. On-the-day ¥ 3,300

Newcomer H (Sokerissa)
For Sokerissa, terms such as ‘Let That Go’, or ‘Let’s Move Ahead’ are significant. Directed by Aoki Yuki, the group consists of current or former street people. Originally founded so as to improve their life prospects as a consequence of dancing their experiences of homelessness. Established in 2005, they have performed both on the streets and in theatres: their point of departure was that something would come of their standing in front an audience. URL: http:// sokerissa.net

Aoki Yuki
Initially a dancer, choreographer but has evolved his creative sphere to explore how the self, subject matter and dance interrelates with society and space and time. The ensuing result is Aokikaku, a series of choreographic projects. Convinced that everybody can dance straight away Yuki gives workshops, as well as performing with Sokerissa. He won the Outstanding Performer Award at NEXTREAM 2004.

Régine Chopinot
in residence in Yokohama: Here and Now

©João Garcia

The act of acquiring and creating: How can this be transmitted? This dialogue unfolds with Régine Chopinot

Saturday, October 15th.       19:30
Sunday, October 16th.         19:30

Director:  Régine Chopinot
Performers: Régine Chopinot, Daisuke Tomita and others
Music: Chang-Nong, TKO from Omu-tone
Venue: Shin Minatomura Theatre
Admission Fee: Advance Purchase: ¥ 2,800, on-the-day: ¥ 3,300

Régine Chopinot
Deeply involved with the Nouvelle Dance movement from its emergence in the 70s until the 80s, Chopinot resisted the prevalent trend that began in the 90s and which became rife after the millennium to commercialise her output. She was director of the Centre Chorégraphique National in La Rochelle between 1986 and 2008, at which point she established her own company Cornucopiae. 

Chang-Nong × TKO from omu-tone
Since their foundation in 2003, the percussion unit Omu-tone ( Chang-Nong, Wakame-ru and TKO) have not merely concentrated on the marimba’s sonority but also incorporated djembe, drums, congas, piano and other percussion instruments to forge a musical universe aimed at creating a good mood. A combination of the simple and the minimal, their euphoric songs enjoy great popularity. Chang-Nong and TKO will perform for this presentation.

Takayuki Fujimoto
Node --The Old Man of the Desert--

This project serves as a launch pad for a performance combining dance with digital technologies. A talk session follows the presentation of this work in process.

-Sold Out-

Date: Saturday, October 22nd.     19:30

Direction, Lighting:  Takayuki Fujimoto
Choreography: Tsuyoshi Shirai
Performers: Yuko Hirai, Takao Kawaguchi, Daisuke Yoshimoto and others
Music: Yasutaka Henmi
Venue: Shin Minatomura Theatre
Admission: Advance Purchase ¥ 1,000, on-the-day: ¥ 1,500

Takayuki Fujimoto
Independent Director and Lighting Designer. Member of Dumb Type from 1987 as lighting and technical management director. In recent years, he has branched out, often working in collaboration with overseas artists. With the help of LED lights and a digital database, he focuses on synchrony of the solidity of the human body, to create an integrated stage design.

Zuni Icosahedron

A piece from Danny Yung’s experimental theatre repertoire. In the One Table Two Chairs Project Yung skilfully juxtaposes props and performers to create an integrated whole. Journey features world-class performers drawn from the worlds of Kun Opera, Noh and contemporary theatre.

Zuni Icosahedron is the Venue Partner of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Zuni Icosahedron is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Friday, October 28th       19:30
Saturday, October 29th.   19:30
Sunday, October 30th.     19:30

Director: Danny Yung
Performers: Yang Yang, Xu Sijia, Kanji Shimizu, Makoto Matsushima and others
Venue:  Shin Minatomura Theatre
Admission:  Advance Purchase ¥, 2,800,  ¥ 3,300

Danny Yung
Born in Shanghai in 1943, he moved to Hong Kong at age 5. Studied Architecture at Berkeley, and received a Masters in Urban Planning from Columbia University. In the late 70s he returned to Hong Kong, where he began involving himself in a wide range of activities: experimental film, manga, conceptual art, installations, video and the performing arts. He participated in the foundation of Zuni Icosahedron in 1982, and has been its artistic director since.

Yang Yang
Member of the Kun Opera Performing Arts Theatre Group. Graduated from the Jiangsu Kun Drama School in Jiangsu Province in 2004. Performing a wide repertoire ranging from the impudent child to the martial-arts expert in the award winning Third Hongmei in Jiangsu province.

Xu Sijia
Member of the Opera Performing Arts Theatre Group , Jiangsu Province. In 1998 enrolled at the Jiangsu Kunqu Drama School and graduated in 2004. Among the many roles she plays are: Gongshengdan and Wedan). Won the Outstanding Kun opera Youth Actor Award in a nationwide contest.

Kanji Shimizu
Born in 1953, Shimizu is a reputed Shite in Kanze School of Noh Theatre.  Board member of Tessen-kai. Studied under the 8th Kanze Tetsunogo, the Living National Treasure, Hisao  Kanze, and the 9th Kanze Tetsunogo. With Takao Nishimura he formed the ‘Hibachi no Kai’. Alongside his involvement with Noh, he is moreover interested in reviving the older recitative repertoire (and performing in contemporary innovative pieces. Shimizu has been designated as a Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Properties.

Special Programs

Yokohama Dance Neighbourhood 2011

©Kazuyuki Matsumoto

Availing of Yokohama’s outdoor spaces, the Dance Neighbourhood project presents a series of performances in which spectators can stroll from venue to venue. The exact locations will be determined on the day, and performances will go ahead even with light rain.

Date: Sunday October 10th. 13:00
Please register at Shin Minatomura at the latest by 12:45

Venues: Six different venues between Shin Minatomura complex and Minato Mirai. The route between venues will be determined on the day.

Performers: Keisuke Kanai, Jiro Aoki, Mamoru Sakata, Miki Kakiuchi, Maki Kurita, Atsunori Kawamura and others.

Admission: Advance Purchase ¥ 2,800, on-the-day ¥ 3,300

Remake of The Palace Soars Through the Sky at Shin Minatomura

©Kazuyuki Matsumoto

In this remake of the landmark performance originally danced by Kazuo Ohno on the rooftop of Yokohama’s Red Brick Warehouse in April 1993, Yoshito Ohno directs a version adapted to Shin Minatomura, City of the Future.

-Sold Out-

Date: Sunday, October 23rd, 19:30

Performers: Yoshito Ohno, Kakuya Ohasi&Dancers Ensemble Sonne along with others, Mineki Murata, Akaikutsu Junior Chorus, Lee Ryol Li (Former WBA Super-bantam weight champion), others

Venue: Shin Minatomura

Admission: Advance Purchase ¥ 2,800. On-the-day ¥ 3,300


Archives Exhibition

Collected by PARC, Pacific Basin Arts Communications, visitors will have the opportunity to view source materials from the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio and the Keio University Arts Centre Tatsumi Hijikata Archives. A workshop and symposium on the theme of archives is also scheduled. Details to follow.

Opening Hours: Sunday 6th August until Sunday November 6th
11:30 to 19:00 daily, but please note that the exhibit will be closed on Thursdays in August and September, and on October 13th and 27th.
Late night opening is on Fridays, until 21:00

Venue: Shin Minatomura

Admission: Free admission for visitors with either a Shin Minatomura or a Yokohama Triennale Joint Ticket.


Reservation and Queries

Bankart1929:  ohnofes@bankart1929.com
Tel: 045-225-8212. Fax: 045-664-3353

Admission Fee: Advanced Purchase ¥ 2,800, On-the-day ¥ 3,300
October 22nd: Advance Purchase ¥ 1,000 On-the-day: ¥ 1,500

Ticket Reductions
Students and Senior Citizens over 60 are eligible for a Yen 500 reduction.

Kazuo Ohno Festival Pass
Allows one to attend all performances. Note, however, that only the name-bearer on the pass will be granted free entry.

Address and Access

Shinko Pier, Shinko 2-5, Chuo-ward, Yokohama-city.

Access by public transport
Get off at Bashamichi station, on the Yokohama Minato-mirai line.
From exit 6, (Akairenga Soko exit) it is about a 10-minute walk in the direction of the Bankokubashi Bridge and the World Porter’s complex.


A free shuttle-will operate for visitors in possession of a BankART Life Pass or a Yokohama Triennale Joint ticket. The bus will run between the Triennale site and Shin Minatomura every 10 to 15 minutes. Please note that the last departure is scheduled from the Yokohama Museum at 18:30.

Organisers : Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, BankART1929
Conjunction : Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yokohama
Financial assistance : the Agency for Cultural Affairs under the auspices of the 2011 Outstanding Artistic Projects Scheme
Co-Sponsors : Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Tokyo , ANA
Project Co-ordination :  Institut Franco-Japonais, Yokohama
Special thanks to Keio University Arts Centre, Pacific Basin Arts Communication (PARC)
Festival sponsored as part of the 66th Cultural Agency Arts Festival, 2011