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Kazuo Ohno Festival 2013
Reprise: Physical Expression of the Zeitgeist

With the 2013 Kazuo Ohno Festival, we celebrate the tenth in a series that has constantly been with the prevailing wind in the dance world, both on a national and international level. With the theme of a 'physical expression of the zeitgeist,' Kazuo Ohno was the focus of the first festival back in 2004. Over time we have expanded the program and broadened our perspective. This year we once again continue to produce and present dancers and artists who have inherited and incorporate the spirit of Kazuo Ohno's work – a work that remains close to the spirit of the times we live in and yet timeless.
In the hall on the ground floor, three groups will be in residency during the festival, and will present the fruits of their work to the public. On the third floor visitors will have the opportunity to view the ever-increasing amount of contemporary dance videos and archive materials, including those in the cyber world, where all kinds of people upload all kinds of dance. As part of our international program, we have invited the Lyon based dance company from the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape under the direction of Yuval Pick. Another outstanding feature of this year's festival will be the Kanze Hideo Day to pay homage to Kazuo Ohno's close friend and innovative Noh-player who left a huge mark on contemporary theatre. We see our festival as a bridge between past and future, a place where we treasure our deep heritage and foster those that carry that torch into the future. We look forward to your company.

Friday, 27th September 2013 ----- Sunday, 3rd November 2013
Venues : BankART Studio NYK and the nearby area
Admission Fee: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Detailed ticket and access infomation

Opening Night
Friday, September 27, 20:30 at BankART Studio NYK 3F
Admission Fee: ¥500
Peformance: Tatsuo Majima's "Today's Dance"

Friday, 27 September 2013 ---- Sunday, 3 November 2013, 11:30-19:00 at BankART Studio NYK3F
(Please note that there will be no projection on Oct.26)
Admission free

【Video Work Exhibition】

■"Trilogy for Kazuo Ohno's Admiring La Argentina" by Yasumasa Morimura(11 min.)

■Full footage of "Today's Dance" by Tatsuo Majima

Morimura's work was done in the occasion of Kazuo Ohno Festival 2010's "Admiring La Argentina --- a Remake." And we offer the opportunity to see the full version of Majima's "Today's Dance."

【Now recruiting 230 dancers for Tatsuo Majima’s “Today’s Dance”】
On 3rd of November, the last day of the festival, we are planning to dance Majima's 230 dances with 230 people. Come and check out the exhibition and pick one dance you would like to dance (you could also check them out on youtube), and dance with other 229 dance lovers. For the detail, please visit:

【Archive Material Exhibition 】

Among the variety of materials that Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio Archive has, we show the interviews with butoh dancers and those who relates to dance talking on Kazuo Ohno and the dance of their time.

Workshop by Yuval Pick & Madoka Kobayashi

Tuesday, 15 October---Thursday, 17 October, 19:30-22:00 at BankART Studio NYK 3F
Tuition: ¥6,000 for 3 days (a purchase of any festival performances makes the fee ¥5,000)

Availing of the participants' ideas, Pick and Kobayashi plan to incorporate casual movements from our everyday lives so as to create a choreography in which dance is the common language. Participants don't require previous dance experience.

Download the flyerPDF / 1.8MB / 2pages)

Ticket Reservation

Newcomer H (Sokerissa)
Person with Horns

I would like to sprout horns.
I'm unsure whether it is anger, a means to defend myself, or simply a matter of vanity.

Friday, September 27th. 19:30
(After the performance you are invited to the opening party.)
Saturday, September 28th. 16:00
Sunday, September 29th. 16:00

Directed and choreographed by Aoki Yuki

Performed by Newcomer H(Sokerissa) and Pearl Alexander (double bass)

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 1F NYK Hall

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Newcomer H (Sokerissa)
A choreographer Yuki Aoki established this group of current or former street people in search of something shown in the body on the verge, in 2005. They have performed both on the streets and in theatres such as Towada Art Center, Kazuo Ohno Festival 2011 and 2012 and Inogashira Park, where they presented the outdoor version of “New World Waltz.” They also performed at the kindergarden in Kotobuki-cho, Yokohama. They collaborate with a singer, Saho Terao, and give lectures at Keio University and Tsuda College. The body created by the street life shows us variety of elements.

Kakuya Ohashi & Philipp Chehere

Beginning with Tatsumi Hijikata, many choreographers have grappled with the contemporary possibilities of Nijinsky's L'après-midi d'un faune. The French choreographer Philippe Chehere here joins forces with Kakuya Ohashi and his dancers in this collaboration project choreographed by Chehere and Ohashi that took shape during the 2011 Atelier de Paris workshops, directed by Carolyn Carlson. Performances of this burgeoning project are being planned for Japan and France.

Wednesday, October 23rd. 20:00

Choreographed by Kakuya Ohashi and Philipp Chehere

Performed by Philipp Chehere and Masafumi Minaki

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 1F NYK Hall

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Philipp Chehere
He begun to dance contemporary in 1997 and has conducted workshops with patients of Huntington's disease. Many hospitals and universities had done projects with him. He also gives workshops and performances at MOT Museum Tokyo, TUAD University Yamagata and more in Japan.

Kakuya Ohashi
He is a choreographer and an art director of Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers, the most avant-garde dance company in Japan. In July of 2013 he just presented a new dance piece based on a Japanese Science Fiction masterpiece "Les Grandes Vacances." Currently he is working on a research project “The World, “ searching for the motif of vampire.

A creation inspired by the conversation with Kazuo Ohno
Nakao Ikemiya / Dance Company Nomad〜s
Herdenohr: The Group Ear

photo:Hiroyasu Ohhora

Herdenohr (German for herd and ear) refers to a species developing a group ear. Those appearing in this work have the look of a ragged dishcloth – and for different reasons. Just like flotsam whose whereabouts is unknown. In our day-to-day stirrings, we detect our tomorrow. This première will feature five scenes of unbridled temperament, rich in wit and humour. In a fascinatingly dense work, dancers of different backgrounds collaborate with actors and performers, confronting the problem of the meaning to express, in a performance that can be described as nothing less than dancing on the ledge.

Wednesday, October 30th. 19:30★
Thursday, October 31st. 20:00
Friday, November 1st. 14:00★, 19:30
Saturday, November 2nd. 19:30
★There will be a post-performance talk

Directed and choreographed by Nakao Ikemiya

Art works by Nakao Ikemiya

Performed by Noriko Kumagai and others

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 1F NYK Hall

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Nakao Ikemiya
Born in 1959, Ikemiya studied dance under Kenji Hinoki and Midori Ishii during 1962-66 during which he met Kazuo Ohno, a long-haired adult he had seen for the first time in his life. In 1989 he studied in former West German Republic and gave solo performances in Europe and Korea. Since 1992 he has been a director/choreographer of Dance Company Nomad~s. His recent works include “Philosophical principles and its garden” and “Fusstritt(2011)” and “LOVE-SKY(2012).” He is also a part‐time instructor at Musashino Art University, Tama Art University and Tokyo University of the Arts.

Dance Company Nomad〜s
Since 1992 Dance Company Nomad~s with Noriko Kumagai as a leading role, has performed in Japan as well as overseas. The recent works include “Piercing the sky(2010)”, “Dance the Earth” and “Ueber den Berg(2011)”. Since March of 2012 the company has been holding the workshops at Iwaki, Fukushima where the earthquake has left the severe damage, in order to realize the support program “Music and Dance.” “Herdenohr: dark voice version” was premiered in March, 2013.

Tatsuo Majima
Today's Dance

On 16 December 2012, as election for the House of Representatives were held, I declared: "I will dance the corresponding number of minutes to the number of tweets of 'I cast my vote' that I receive." After receiving 101 tweets, I proceeded to dance for 101 minutes. Since then until the House of Councillors elections on 21 July, 2013 I have performed an unconventional dance for two minutes every day in various locations as part of the project 'today's dance' that I subsequently uploaded on YouTube. In all, I have performed some 230 dances that have provided the basis for new performance and video works.

Friday, September 27, 20:30 at BankART Studio NYK 3F

Performs “Today’s Dance“ at the opening party.
Admission: ¥500

Sunday, November 3, 13:00 Performs “Today’s Dance” as part of Yokohama Dance Neighborhood 2013
Admission: 2,500yen (in advance) 3,000yen (on the day)

Friday, September 27 -- Sunday, November 3 Majima’s all 230 “Today’s Dance“ footages will be shown everyday at BankART Studio NYK3F (Please note that there will be no projection on Oct.26)
Admission free

Choreographed and performed by Tatsuo Majima

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Tatsuo Majima
Born in 1970 in Tokyo, Majima, a contemporary artist, graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 1993 with a major in Art. Now he teaches painting part-time at Musashino Art University. He is active both in Tokyo and Oita. Anchored in thorough research, his style is characterised by a unique sense of humour, creating a wide variety of works using different media, photo, video and performance.

Yoshito Ohno
Flower and Bird – A Letter to my future Self

On this occasion I will dance 'Divine-sho', the opening scene from Kazuo Ohno’s Admiring La Argentina. I will dance a piece Hijikata Tatsumi choreographed for me in 1985, a year before his death. This time round, I will dance me – as I am.

Friday, October 4th. 19:30
Saturday, October 5th. 16:00
Sunday, October 6th. 16:00

Directed, choreographed and performed by Yoshito Ohno

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Yoshito Ohno
Born in Tokyo in 1938. Ohno appeared in Hijikata's Forbidden Colors in 1959 in the role of a young man. He attended the activities of Artaud-kan and Ankoku Buto-ha. After some suspension, he co-performed with his father, Kazuo Ohno in the Dead Sea in 1985. Since 1986, Yoshito had directed all the pieces of Kazuo Ohno. In 1998 he performed "The last portrait of Dorian Gray" based on Gunji Masakatsu's posthumous work. The recent works include: “A Promising Morning(2010)” and “Time Wind(2012).” He also published “Food for the Soul” (Film Art-sha), which was issued as part of “kazoo ohno’s world” in English by Wesleyan University Press.

Yuval Pick presents outstanding French contemporary dance.
Yuval Pick
Danse Tout Terrain

In their first Japanese performance, the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape dance company based in the suburbs of Lyon under the direction of Yuval Pick presents two works thematically linked to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach: Play Bach choreographed by Pick and BMW245 directed by Frédérick Gravel. The French title Danse Tout Terrain means 'dance absolutely anywhere.'

Saturday, October 12th. 18:00
Sunday, October 13th. 16:00

Choreographed by Yuval Pick and Frédérick Gravel

Performed by Lazare Huet, Madoka Kobayashi, Killian Madeleine, Anna Massoni and Antoine Roux-Briffaud

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Yuval Pick
Born in 1970 in Israel, Pick was a member of the Bathsheba company since the 1990s, followed by a stint at the Lyon Opera Ballet, during which he collaborated with numerous prominent choreographers the likes of Ohad Naharin, Tero Saarinen, and Russell Marifanto. He was appointed director of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape in 2011.

18 verses of the BORO's song A Woman born in Osaka set to dance improvisations
Yuval Pick and BORO

During this adventurous encounter BORO sings of the city with subliminal energy and emotion while the choreographer Pick with his keen musical sensibility constructs a sophisticated dance. Please witness this venture between two artists whose genre and cultural backgrounds are completely different.

Monday(holiday), October 14th. 16:00

Performed by Lazare Huet, Madoka Kobayashi, Killian Madeleine, Anna Massoni and Antoine Roux-Briffaud

Music by BORO and Sheena Kinohara(violin)

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Born in 1954 in Itami, Hyogo prefecture, he made his debut with “Thousands nights in town” produced by Yuya Uchida in 1979. In the same year his 2nd song “A woman born in Osaka” made a huge hit. BORO was the nickname given by his friends because he was riding this BORO-BORO (shabby) bicycle all over the town. He is active as a music producer while writing many songs to various artists including Kenji Sawada, Yusaku Matsuda, Izumi Yukimura, Michiyo Azusa, Shinsuke Shimada, Masahiko Kondo, Shinichi Mori and Aki Yashiro.

Project Oyama

The dancer Baku Ishii once referred to himself as 'Odorubaka', or dancing fool. What did he in fact mean? A copy of the 9.5 mm film with Ishii's 1925 work Grotesque has survived. Chou Seung Hee, one of the three female dancers who featured in the film, was then 16. Odorubaka as reconstructed by Project Oyama, sheds light on the beginnings of western dance in Japan, while touching upon the spirit of 'the dancing fool.'

Saturday, October 19th. 18:00

Directed and choreographed by Yuri Furuie

Performed by Haruka Kajimoto, Satsuko Hasegawa and Yuri Furuie

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Project Oyama
Based in Gokokuji, the members of this all-female dance company, under the direction of Yuri Furuie, are all alumni of Tokyo’s Ochanomizu University. They were awarded the Jury Prize of Dance Collection R in Yokohama in 2009 and the Choreographer of the Future Prize in Toyota Choreography Awards in 2010. In 2009 the company was invited to L'EXPERIENCE JAPONAISE in Nîmes, France. In 2012 they choreographed and performed in SIS company’s “The Glass Menagerie” directed by Keishi Nagatsuka.

Research Project:
I saw you trying to dance.

This project centres on research on the recent phenomenon on the web platform Niconico's 'Odottemita' (I tried to dance), a site posting dance related videos. In addition to the vast number of uploads, there are also numerous accesses that reveal very 'contemporary' or/and ‘dance,’ providing us an insight as to how the new dance community exist within the prevailing information society. For all you lovers of dance, let's take a look at 'I tried to dance.' New relationships between ‘dance’ and 'seeing' are beginning to emerge.

Sunday, October 20th. 16:00

Performance: I saw you trying to dance by Atsunori Kawamura

Directed and choreographed by Shokigata and Atsunori Kawamura

Performed by Manami Kita, Haruka Hirasawa, Jun Matsuzaki, Mosshu, Atsunori Kawamura and others

Round table: The detailed information will be uploaded soon.

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Shokigata (or, Earlier Model)
Activities since 2001. Probably a dance theatre company. We aim for a style embracing dance’s physicality and perspective with theatre's actuality under the motto: A lovable fool. http://shokigata.jugem.jp/ (←updated once in a while)

Takao Kawaguchi
Kazuo Ohno

I never saw Kazuo Ohno perform onstage. Recently I've had occasion to see videos of and photographs of his work and was struck by their profound beauty. While I'm unable to articulate my thoughts clearly, I feel a sense of kinship with the undulating movements of his body. As though something sensual stimulates. I thought to completely devote myself to it, just as one would pour melted iron into a mould.
(Premiered in August, 2013 at d-Warehouse in Nippori, Tokyo)


Thursday, October 24th. 20:00

Directed and performed by Takao Kawaguchi

Dramaturg: Naoto Iina

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Takao Kawaguchi
As a dancer and performer, he was active in “ATA DANCE” and “Dumb Type” during ‘90s. Since 2003, he shifted to perform all genre solo performance with his skill in theater, dance and art. He collaborated with various artists, namely Takayuki Fujimoto from Dumb Type and Tsuyoshi Shirai from AbsT in “true” and “Node/ The Old Man of the Desert.” His recent works include an on-going “talking yourself” performance series "a perfect life(2008~)”, “TABLEMIND(2011)”, and “A piece inspired by the text of Yameru Maihime, Tatsumi Hijikata’s writing” with Tomomi Tanabe(2012). In 2014 a tour in and outside of Japan is being planned.

In commemoration of the sixth anniversary of Kanze Hideo's parting;

Kanze Tetsunojo "Uto: Birds of Sorrow"
Kanji Shimizu "Somon: Love poem"

To mark the sixth anniversary of Kanze Hideo's sudden death in 2007, we have organised Kanze Hideo Day so that we can reflect upon the enormous impact he had upon all genres in the world of contemporary theatre. In addition to the pleasure of a repeat performance of Somon, which Kanze himself performed at this festival in 2005, we will also have occasion to view one of his favourite noh plays, Uto (Birds of Sorrow). In an attempt to retrace some of the ground Kanze Hideo covered, the day will also feature a talk, films screenings, and the possibility to browse at the various precious materials on display.

Kanze Hideo
Born in 1927 in Shitaya, Tokyo as the second son of Kanze Tetsunojo, the seventh (also known as Gasetsu), Kanze Hideo attended the Tokyo Music School. His elder brother is Kanze Hisao and the little brother is Shizuo, Kanze Tetsunojo, the eighth. In 1949 he was converted to another Noh school, the Kita group, and finally left the Noh world in 1958. Since then he directed many contemporary theaters and operas, and appeared in films and TV dramas. In 1966 he directed the first performance of Makoto Sato’s Underground Free Theater. He also collaborated with many composers. Since 1979, when he resumed his career in Noh theater, he had performed many traditional Noh dance. Also he served as a chairman of the board of directors in Tessen-kai Noh group, and a professor of Kyoto University of Art & Design. His achievements include overseas Noh performances by Zeami-za theater, antinuclear Noh performances by Sarugaku-no-za theater, and promotion of Noh theater by Nogaku-za theater. He was received the Art Encouragement Prize of the Ministry of Education in 1997 and Mobil Music Award in 1998. Kazuo Ohno and Hideo Kanze co-performed “Mu (nothing)” in 1998. In 2007 he passed away.

Saturday, October 26th. 18:30

The transverse flute: Hiroyuki Matsuda
The shoulder-drum: Yotaro Uzawa
The hip drum: Hirotada Kamei
Shite actors: Takao Nishimura, Jiichi Asami, Kengo Tanimoto and Takayasu Ando
There will be a post-performance talk with a director Makoto Sato and Mikio Takemoto, a professor of Waseda University.

■Special exhibition on Kanze Hideo 11:30-21:30 Admission Free
■Special screening of the films featuring Kanze Hideo:
 “A last note” directed by Kaneto Shindo(1995) 11:30 15:05
 “Kanawa” directed by Kaneto Shindo(1972) 13:30 17:05
  Admission Free

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission for the performance: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Kanze Tetsunojo
Born in 1956, a reputed Shite actor (a principal actor) of the Kanze Noh school, Kanze Tetsunojo studied under his uncle Kanze Hisao and his fater, Kanze Tetsunojo, the 8th(the Living National Treasure). His singing and acting styles are known for the manner in which he combines delicacy and strength. His range stretches way beyond performing classic Noh plays; he collaborates extensively on film and contemporary music projects. He received a Purple Ribbon Medal and Award of the Japan Art Academy. He has been designated as a Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Property and is also a chairman of the board of directors in Tessen-kai Noh group.

Kanji Shimizu
Born in 1953, a reputed Shite actor (a principal actor) of the Kanze Noh school, Kanji Shimizu studied under Kanze Hisao, Kanze Tetsunojo, the 8th(the Living National Treasure) and Kanze Tetsunojo, the 9th. Hibiki-no-kai, established by Takao Nishimura and Kanji Shimizu, produces many Noh plays featuring Shimizu, and he is eager to participate in the newly written Noh plays and other revitalized Noh plays, which includes “Ein Stein” written by an immunologist, Tomio Tada, “Virgin Mary in Nagasaki” and “An Okinawa diary of remaining moon.” He participated in Kazuo Ohno festival 2011 and gives lectures at BankART school. He has been designated as a Preserver of Important Intangible Cultural Property and also is a member of the board of directors in Tessen-kai Noh group.

Akira Kasai
I dance the Japanese Constitution

In my fifty years of dancing life I have to date never directly had dealings either with the Japanese state or for that matter with the Constitution of Japan since it was enacted in 1947. However, as I recently read the constitutional amendments proposed by the Liberal Democratic Party, in which they notably advocate a revocation of Article 9 – the clause renouncing war, I felt physically challenged; my blood roared and clamoured. Listening to this muted voice within me, I intuitively sensed that the post-war Constitution enacted back in 1947 was in fact like the skeleton of my own body. As a source of metaphysical 'law,' the key principles of liberty, equality and fraternity convinced me that they are not only applicable to those alive but also to our forbearers. The Constitution ought to constantly strive towards the 'ideal.' I would like my thoughts on the matter to assume a 'physical form.'

Sunday, October 27th. 18:00

Choreographed and performed by Akira Kasai

Vocalization: Wakana Ozaki, Naoko Yamaguchi and Akiko Kawakami

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Akira Kasai
Born in Mie prefecture, Kasai encountered Kazuo Ohno and Butoh after he studied modern dance and classical ballet. He appeared in Tatsumi Hijikata's “Rose Colored Dance(1965)”, “Metaphysics(1967)” and others. He also performed solo pieces like “Crucified Virgin Mary(1966)”. Kasai established Tenshikan in 1971. He moved to Germany in 1979 and studied Eurythmy. His works presented all over the world include “Pollen Revolution(2001)”, “Transparent Labyrinth(2006)” and “Blood is a special juice(2011).”

Late Night Show:
Megumi Nakamura , Toshiko Oka and Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Dance begins when a delicate balance collapses. I love dizziness or vertigo to freeze the senses. Like the fisherman in Poe's tale A Descent into the Maelström, I want to surrender to the vortex.

Friday, November 1st. 21:30

Choreographed and performed by Megumi Nakamura and Toshiko Oka

Music by Kazuhisa Uchihashi

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3F Gallery

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

Megumi Nakamura
After been awarded in The Prix de Lausanne, she was active in Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and Jiri Kylian's NDT. In 1999 she became freelance. She was awarded various prizes, namely Golden Theater Prize, Nimura Dance Award, the Dance Critics’ Circle Prize, the Art Encouragement Prize of the Ministry of Education, Eguchi Takaya Award and so on.

Toshiko Oka
Upon the graduation from Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany, Oka established Ensemble Sonne Contemporary Dance Company based in Kobe. As a choreographer, she creates dance pieces yearly in and outside of Japan and does improvisational series with various artists including musicians and lighting artists.

Kazuhisa Uchihashi
He lives in Berlin and conducts improvising trio "Altered States." He is an improvising musician, a guitarist, a daxophone player, a composer, an arranger and a producer. He started to improvise during 80s and has collaborated with many musicians in and outside of Japan. He also does music for movies and theaters.

Walkabout project
Yokohama Dance Neighbourhood 2013

Availing of Yokohama's outdoor spaces, the Dance Neighbourhood project presents a series of performances in which spectators can stroll from venue to venue with a map in hand. The exact locations will be determined on the day, and performances will go ahead even with light rain.

Tatsuo Majima's "Today's Dance"
photo: Ⓒhatanokosuke ⒸblanClass

Sunday, November 3rd. 13:00
 Please register at BankART Studio NYK by 12:45 at the latest.

Performers: Mamako Yoneyama, Abe"M"ARIA, Oyatsu Table, Team of Today's Dance and more

Venue: Six different venues around BankART Studio NYK. The route between venues will be determined on the day.

Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

【Now recruiting 230 dancers for Tatsuo Majima’s “Today’s Dance” 】
Would you like to participate in Yokohama Dance Neighbourhood as a dancer? Pick one dance of Tatsuo Majima's 230 "Today's Dance" and dance with other 229 dancers of all ages and experience levels. For the detail, please visit:



Admission: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day) for each performance

Ticket Reductions
Students and Senior Citizens over 60 are eligible for a ¥500 reduction with identification cards.

Kazuo Ohno Festival Pass: ¥10,000Allows one to attend each one of all performances. Note that only the name-bearer on the pass will be able to use it.

3 Performances Pass: ¥6,000Allows one to attend three performances on his/her choice. Please reserve the seats upon purchasing. Only the name-bearer on the pass will be able to use it.

Reservation and Queries

BankART 1929 :  ohnofes@bankart1929.com

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Please reserve by e-mail specifying the name and the date of your intending performance, your name, your phone number and the number of tickets you want to purchase. We take the reservations also by telephone and fax.

■Web form click here to reserve on-line

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